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  • Macu Morán

    Macu Moran's interdisciplinary education has brought her to manage different projects that relate studies in the fields of economy, art, science, politics, technology, and sociocultural trends, particularly interested in globalization, post-humanism, time, biocentrism, ecology, modern physics, spirituality, immaterial production, and innovation.


    In 2001, artivist and researcher Macu Moran graduated in International Business at the Erasmus University of Applied Sciences of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, with the Thesis "Philosophic, economic and commercial challenges for the art market in the XXI Century".

    Working over a decade as Director of New Markets for artnet Worldwide Corporation in Wall Street, New York, her broad interest in Technology-based art, brought her to establish the pioneering VideoArtWorld organization in 2005, which created, set and promoted the international standards, commonly accepted worldwide today, for the appropriate valuing, disseminating, collecting and preserving of intangible artistic creations.
    Since then she has continued working as a visionary entrepreneur and consultant, developing a number of virtual architectures, offline projects and vision boards towards an appropriate thrive of humanity, based on the study of its cultural production and the promotion of sustainable models for the creative industries in the digital era, under the complex Imagery Spectrum · Progressive Projects.
    In 2013 she started her studies on permaculture, ecology, and sustainability. Alarmed by the contemporary need to reconnect humans within the cycle of nature, she created a particular method of ancient and modern techniques for raising consciousness Imagery Healing, and the educative program for intellectual and creative development Imagery School, once she became a mother in 2014. Since then she has worked a teacher and a mentor, developing further her knowledge and practice into these particular areas, precursor lines of her current researches: Imagery Evolution, research on reality at the verge of art, science & spirituality and Imagery Innovation, a study about the contemporary trends in human coexistence.


    As a media artist, she has researched into different mediums, including digital architecture, writing, hand processing color photography, super 8, 3D modeling, 2D animation, videoart, bioart, Arduino robotics, outsider drawings, paintings and ceramics, metal and woodwork. Since the passing of her mother in 2015, her art praxis goes under the pseudonym Macu Moma, referring her mother's surname. In September of 2019, she will publish her Imagery Revolution Manifesto and request other artists in the same line of interdisciplinary research to join the Imagery Collective.


    For more information please visit Wikipedia Macu Moran / www.macumoran.com / www.macumoma.com



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