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While the left side of the brain manages the logic, analysis and structural skills, the "thinkers" skills, the right side direct those of empathy, imagination and intuition, the "visionary" ones. Creative strategists are a strange breed of people trained to use both brain hemispheres simultaneously, half planners half creators, with the capacities for imagination, empathy, research, memory, organization and intuition strongly developed. Their unique perspective and knowledge brings new sets of possible solutions, which often inspire others to think out of the box, and motivates them to take action.

In essence creativity is the art of linking disparate ideas and facts, therefore the more abilities you have making associations and the more information you have at your disposal, the better you are at coming up with new ideas. Creative thinking is the ability to leap from topic to topic and make innovative connections between old ideas. Memory and creativity are two sides of the same coin, and that is why invention and inventory share the same lexical root. We co-create based upon earlier inventions or steps in the progress of evolution, which ultimately constitute our bank of existing ideas to recombine and help in the composition of new ones.

The act of combining concepts from different fields has given birth of many game-changing ideas, and this interdisciplinary approach is very much needed for the progress of the contemporary world we live in. Some of the most significant ideas come about when someone sees a problem in a new way, often by combining disparate elements that initially seemed unrelated, or even by people with the ability to simultaneously conceive of an idea and its opposite.

Mnemosyne, the goddess of memory, is the goddess of all the Muses.

- Tony Buzan

The Creative strategist must have therefore a well trained memory, to gather the collective consciousness of the project, to keep in mind all the knowledge and details about the project, in order to act as the captain of the ship. Leadership in team growth, effectiveness, and satisfaction is critical for this role. While the specifics may vary from individual to individual, most successful creative people report to follow a routine that helps them channel their insights in the most constructive way, as well as a set of times and practices that make them most productive.

A Creative Strategist blends the Human Empathy, the "Why?", motivations and jobs to be done, with the Data, the "What?", behavior and opportunities. Other specific characteristics of a modern Creative Strategist would be intense curiosity, ability to question conventional wisdom, global mindset, communication talent, social media proficiency, ability to see unthinkable opportunities to thrive, tenacity and resilience to handle multiple projects with competing priorities, strong creative skills and “out of the box" thinking, and working experience in finding creative solutions to complex problems.

The most successful Creative Strategists have a hybrid background, including knowledge and experience in: business strategy, creative strategy, brand strategy, communications strategy, innovation consulting, qualitative and quantitative research, and design thinking with subject matter experience in multiple industries, such as: Finance, Tech, Auto, Fashion, Beauty, CPG, Luxury.


  • Rigorously research and analyze the current strategy to perfectly comprehend business, consumers, and competition.
  • Excellent collaboration with Manager Director and Strategy Director regarding scope, project plan, and feasibility vetting.
  • Collaborate with sales and data analytics teams to identify and measure the Key Performance Indicators.
  • Identifying the opportunities to thrive and/or the problems to be solved.
  • Effective communication with Managers and Execution Teams to appropriately come up with the creative vision.
  • Establishing the creative strategy and determine the specific scope of the project.
  • Synthesize all the insights of the project and determine the Strategic Plan to implement.
  • Develop concepts and compiling proposals to transmit the selected ideas and solutions. (eg. briefs, mood boards, etc.)
  • Convey the Project Documentation (e.g. marketing plan, budget, schedule, etc)
  • Detect all the project needs and cast the resources to enact the Plan.
  • Lead, motivate, and support the executive team, defining the tasks schedule, managing time & monitoring development.
  • Create compelling, well-structured and innovative digital creative campaigns that’s align with the overall strategy.
  • Orchestrating, nurturing, and inspiring the creative team (e.g., Designers, Photographers, Videographers, etc.) in the creation of that vision across executions/channels (print, video, digital, experiential, etc.)
  • Managing, structuring and overseeing the design and delivery of work streams, tasks, and analyses.
  • Directing and supervising data-gathering, research, analysis, and insight development, including industry dynamics.
  • Formulating and testing strategic hypotheses, developing insights and recommendations for presentations.
  • Evaluating new businesses and revenue opportunities and leading the development of market sizing, business and investment cases, capability assessments, and change management plans required to achieve them.
  • Keep up with current and emerging digital technology, across all channels and platforms and social insights.
  • Preparing reports and creative proposals with impressive communication and presentation skills and style.
  • Playing a lead role in proposals, thought leadership efforts, and other market and business development activities.
  • Complete Requests For Proposals and proactive pitches to win new business and repeat business with existing clients.
  • Lead responsibility for ensuring the quality deliverables.
  • Coaching and mentor other junior members of the team.
  • Lead responsibility for ensuring the quality of deliverables.
  • 1
  • Solid functional knowledge, including strategy, business development, marketing and sales, product development/innovation, and change management
  • Outstanding project management skills - ability to structure and manage multiple work streams while ensuring project team delivers quality work on time, within budget and in line with quality standards
  • Demonstrated leadership ability in a fast-paced, collaborative, and client service focused environment
  • Ability to assess business situations and apply both qualitative and quantitative problem-solving approaches to identify key issues and opportunities as well as synthesize relevant insights and findings
  • Strong core consulting skills: financial/business modelling and other analytic tools, written and verbal communication (e.g. client presentations, lead/facilitate meetings, delivery of difficult messages with persuasiveness and sensitivity)


The creative strategy process involves five main phases: Discovery, Strategy, Design, Execution & Transfer.

1) IDENTIFYING THE PROBLEM: First of all we need to spot what problem are we resolving, approaching all aspects of a problem, research, brief, budgeting, brainstorming, creative development and presentation, from a unified strategic front.

The Creative Strategist in marketing links the brief, budgets and brand, balancing between media, money and mileage with a certainty of positive results, devising the “strategy” behind the creative message. It is a matter of researching, ideating, articulating and executing creative branded content campaigns and creative solutions that set the bar for the sector. In order to develop and implement a strategy that can build a maintain a strong brand, precisely analyzing about marketing, target audience, consumer research, media platform, branding to pitch creative stuff by adding or removing the content to enhance the product to public. business’s online presence, maximizing lead generation, increasing traffic to your website and converting potential customer interest to sales.

Technology is the major disruptor of our age. Technology is changing competitive landscapes and creating new opportunities for almost every organization. This situation plays directly to Accenture's strengths. With Accenture Strategy, we have created what we believe is the strategy firm of the future. We are fantastically well positioned to help our clients address the strategic opportunities presented by technological change. It’s a very exciting place to be!

Come and be a part of the next level of high performance.

Technology Strategy

Accenture Strategy solves complex business challenges at the intersection of business and technology. We take a specialist led, value based approach to identifying the right technology strategies for our clients.

Technology Strategy is a critical, fast growing component of our overall Strategy practice. We develop company-wide strategies that exploit disruptive technologies as well as advise our Fortune 500 CIO clients on how to reimagine their IT operating models, architectures and governance.

With your impressive knowledge of the evolving digital landscape, disruptive technologies and trends in technology strategy, you will work in high performance teams to address priority C-suite issues with precision and speed.

Job Description

We are looking for individuals with an excellent grounding in core consulting skills, to credibly shape and communicate stories to CxO audiences. However, if you are known for your ability to identify and solve the most challenging client problems through combining deep value chain knowledge and technology expertise together with describing the value of the exploitation of technology then we would like to hear from you.

Your Role: Technology Strategy Consultant

There will never be a typical day at Accenture, that’s why people love it here. The opportunities to make a difference within exciting client initiatives are limitless in this ever-changing business landscape.

Here are just a few of your day-to-day responsibilities:

  • Interpreting the commercial mechanics of businesses and the role of technology in accelerating value realisation
  • Working with our clients to shape and execute business visions enabled by realistic roadmaps of capability development framed within well-defined governance
  • Working with our clients to translate and leverage technology to maximise strategic impact articulated in structured enterprise architectures to help deliver tangible business outcomes
  • Working with industry and business specialists to develop comprehensive technology strategies, including IT opportunity assessment, investment portfolio management, information strategy, sourcing strategy, enterprise architecture strategy and moreAnalysing current issues and building a fact-based approach to developing and implementing client visions, road maps and governance to address today's business needs and support future growth
  • Analysing current issues and building a fact-based approach to developing and implementing client visions, road maps and governance to address today's business needs and support future growth
  • Assisting our clients to build the required capabilities for growth and innovation in order to sustain
  • Developing a deep understanding of emerging technologies to feed value creation opportunities that often disrupt traditional industry value chains and challenge orthodoxies
  • Working in multi-disciplinary teams to shape, propose, communicate and implement programs
  • Contributing to our thought leadership at theintersect of business and technology

Your Experience - We’re looking for experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • IT Strategy: Experience developing a deep understanding of business needs, defining their implications on current and future use of enterprise technology, and creating data-driven strategies
  • Experience in helping clients establish a vision, roadmap and governance.
  • A good balance of technology and functional skills across core Technology Strategy disciplines i.e. enterprise architecture, functional decomposition, strategic analytics, CxO-1 stakeholder management and business casing
  • Innovation: Experience in identifying and exploiting new value streams enabled by the creative application of existing or leading-edge technologies
  • IT Operating Model: Experience shaping IT operating models which enable the IT organisation to deliver value in line with business strategies
  • Ability to work collaboratively and iteratively, develop experiments and prototypes to prove the value of strategic architecture blueprints
  • Experience in the business application of technology, an analytical and rigorous approach, business case experience, ability to turn data into insightful executive summaries
  • Digital-focused experience of identifying and exploiting new value streams enabled by leading edge technologies
  • IT process excellence oriented experience, operating model design and transformation
  • Experience in helping clients reposition their technology portfolio to fuel growth by balancing cost and capability.

Set Yourself Apart: Preferred Qualifications

  • Strong desire to work in technology-driven business transformation and curiosity around opportunities and threats posed by innovation and industry convergence
  • Knowledge of, and passion for, technology trends e.g. Robotics, Big Data, Advanced Machine Learning, Internet of Things
  • Knowledge of industry operations, dynamics and trends in one or more of the following industries: Financial Services, Telecoms, Media, Technology, Life Sciences, Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Intellectual capacity to develop creative and breakthrough solutions
  • Strong analytical skills, understanding of complex issues, the ability to quickly absorb information, conceptual and creative problem-solving excellence
  • Equally comfortable in the role of business or IT strategist; able to rapidly assess the IT implications of business strategy and the business implications of IT strategy
  • First class written and verbal communication skills; the ability to articulate complex problems and solutions in a simple, logical and impactful manner
  • Proven success in contributing to a team-oriented environment
  • Leadership qualities; the ability to easily establish trust-based relationships and gain valuable insights through collaboration and communication
  • Drive; enjoys a challenge, proven ability to adapt and remove obstacles to achieve results, determination and optimism
  • Flexibility to accommodate client travel requirements


  • Proven consulting experience or relevant Technology Strategy background, with experience of strategy formulation

 Our Commitment to You

  • Your entrepreneurial spirit and vision will be rewarded, and your success will fuel opportunities for career advancement.
  • You’ll make a difference for some very impressive clients. Accenture Strategy serves 72 of the Fortune Global 100 on high-profile projects.
  • Opportunities to learn through training at Accenture’s global Strategy College, assignments and collaboration with experts across the company.
  • Access to leading-edge technology.
  • Along with a competitive salary, Accenture offers a comprehensive package that includes a range of market-relevant benefits and programs to help you manage the demands of work and life.
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